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Sangeetha Thanapal: Chinese Allies Must Be Clear – Any Racism Is Unacceptable

I want to say a little about Chinese allies in Singapore, given some recent events and experiences. By and large, I find myself deeply disappointed with them. I see a lot of Chinese allies like and share my work, but…
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Sangeetha Thanapal: City Harvest Church Incident Shows Double Standards In Which Islam And Christianity Are Held Accuntable

What’s interesting to me in all this City Harvest stuff, is that no one is talking about this as a peril of Christianity. No one is using this as an example of how there’s something wrong with Christianity and Christians…
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K Shanmugam To Lodge Police Report Against Sangeetha Thanapal For “Inaccurate And Seditious” Facebook Post

Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam says he intends to lodge a police report against independent scholar Sangeetha Thanapal on Friday for a Facebook post he called “inaccurate and seditious”. He said her post – which has since been…
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