Will Geylang Serai Lose Its Malay Cultural Identity After The $3.2 Billion Facelift?

Will Geylang Serai lose the Malay cultural identity that we always had after this big ‘rejuvenation’? Take a look at some of the reactions from the Malay community.

“In my opinion, Geylang Serai has really lost its Malay identity unlike Chinatown and Little India which represents the Chinese and Indian communities here in Singapore. During festive seasons, we can also spot CNY decorations along 1KM, Tanjong Katong Complex etc. And Joo Chiat Rd area are just filled with nightclubs, massage parlours, bars etc. Heard that there will be new a CC next to Geylang Serai Market? (we have 3 CCs nearby) Also, with the latest massive development by Lendlease, what is left of Geylang Serai area and for our future generations to come?” – Brader Faisal

“Tu la hari tu naik cab Abang taxi pon cakap Geylang ni tak ada apa2, tempat Melayu makin lama makin dorang kecilkan” – Brader Gamo

Betul tu jgn patah semangat demi pelapis & cucu cicit kita. Wahai peniaga2 musiman melayu islam bersatu lah anda utk berniaga di Geylang nanti di Ramadan akan dtg. Klu byk berserek kan berniaga di Bazaar lain (Tampines & Wdlands) tentu lah Geylang Serai jadi sepi. Mmg waktu OneKM mula naik Developer yg saya kebetulan temu janji ada berkongsi yg strategy dia orang ia lah akan commercialise kan Geylang Serai so… meaning akan kurang wajah kampong geylang serai klu peniaga kita tdk berkumpul di daerah sendiri.” – Sis Hana Roza

Union kene pasang strategi.. suarakan pandangan kpd Presiden kak limah.. Kami mahukan Malay Street(peniaga2 melayu,pelancong2 boleh dtg, ada persembahan kebudayaan melayu, halal food)…” – Brader Fadzil

“Jangan tengok geylang serai saja..seluruh singapura yang asal nya negeri melayu sudah berubah menjadi negeri etnik tionghua..dlm nusantara..” – Brader Salim

I only have this to say – when the Temenggong signed Singapore over to the British in a “in perpetuity lease”, it was game over for the Singapore Malays. Just like the Native Americans and the European settlers of North America. Talk of Singapore being Tanah Melayu – is just that ; empty talk. Today Singapore is largely Chinese and they have a strong grip on the economy too. Instead of looking back with nostalgia and regret – its better to worry and plan for the future. I agree with Muhammad Noor Othman. What is left – is Islam. Hold on to that coz we are now in the End Times (Akhir Zaman).” – Brader Syed


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(Photo credit: theparkplace-residence.com)

Park Place Residences (Paya Lebar) is part of a massive $3.2 billion project by Australian Developer, Lendlease. The mega project, Paya Lebar Quarter, comprising of office space, shops and private housing, will be spread across seven buildings on land the size of eight football fields. There will be a retail mall, three office towers and three residential blocks all connected to Paya Lebar MRT. Watch the video.



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