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Eugene Thuraisingam: Singaporeans Must Speak Up, Demand Change

Despite the resounding condemnation by Singaporeans of all races, Ridzuan’s execution proceeded. The life of a 32 year old snuffed out just like that. Under the shade of darkness, away from the scrutiny of the newspapers. That is how evil…
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1kg Of Heroin Seized From Singaporean Drug Trafficker In Teck Whye

A 50-year-old Singaporean man was caught with nearly 1kg of heroin in Teck Whye early on Tuesday morning (April 11), the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) said in a statement. At around 1.20am, the suspected drug trafficker was observed meeting with…
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Singapore Must Conduct Scientific Study To Ascertain Threat Of Cannabis, In Light Of Increasing Legalisation In Other Countries

Hi guys, with many states and countries legalizing Cannabis, doesn’t it cast some doubts if Cannabis is really as dangerous as we are led to believe? Is Singapore really that arrogant to believe that our punishment for Cannabis being death…
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