Eugene Thuraisingam: Singaporeans Must Speak Up, Demand Change

Despite the resounding condemnation by Singaporeans of all races, Ridzuan’s execution proceeded.

The life of a 32 year old snuffed out just like that. Under the shade of darkness, away from the scrutiny of the newspapers.

That is how evil operates. The worst things we do are always done in secret and in darkness.

Despite Ridzuan’s death, it was heartening to see not just M Ravi speaking up, but this time, Singaporeans of all races, from all walks of life, have stood up to be counted!

The responsibility for Ridzuan’s death lies squarely at the feet of the Attorney-General, the Law Minister and his cabinet. That is the evil that exists.

We must be aware of this. We must speak up. We must demand change!

Our five stars dim tonight.
Our son will be no more.
Killed at the hands of strangers.
At the orders of those who do not care.
Our five stars dim tonight.
For a cruel and unjust law.
The fate of a life, in the hands of one. Who himself doesn’t really care.
Our five stars dim tonight.
With our million dollar men turned blind. Pretending not to see. Ministers, Judges and lawyers. Same as the accumulators of wealth.
Hiding in the dimness, like rats scavenging for scraps.
When does the new car come?
Our five stars dim tonight.
For a law that makes no sense.
A law that’s cruel and unjust. Just as its makers, executors stand.
Jeefrey has died. Ridzuan is next.
Killed not in our names, but by the decree of one.
Fear not my friend, we tread through this darkness.
The sons of this soil have spoken. Regardless of race. Regardless of language. Regardless of religion.
As our lungs shout as one, the stars will shine again!
The people have spoken.


Source: Eugene Thuraisingam

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