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Pet Death In Changi At The Hands Of Singapore Airlines; Call For Justice For Charlie

JUSTICE for CHARLIE and all other pets at the mercy of NEGLIGENT AIRLINES Please be wary of transporting your pet by SINGAPORE AIRLINES Their negligence killed our pet Charlie. We had planned to take our pet by Singapore Airlines to…
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China’s Warship Liaoning Has 10 Cafeterias With 20 Ethnic Minorities On Board

Last weekend, China is opened up its aircraft carrier Liaoning to the public for the first time. The ship arrived in Hong Kong on Friday (July 7), accompanied by two destroyers and a frigate. Only 2,000 tickets for the tour…
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Jufrie Mahmood: Malay Community Cannot Trust Masagos Zulkifli Anymore

Facebook post from SDP ex chairman Jufri Mahmood. (Translated from Malay in original post) I thought as a Muslim Minister, you would be more understanding of the aspirations of the Muslimahs in this issue. I thought you would give more…
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