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Mufti: Beware Of Messages That Misquote The Quran, Prophetic Sayings And Traditions To Justify Acts Of Violence

Singapore’s top Muslim leader has called on his community to be wary of messages that misquote the Quran as well as prophetic sayings and traditions to justify acts of violence. In his Friday (Sept 29) sermon delivered at all mosques…
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Muslim Mother: This Is Why A Madrasah Education Is As Good As Any Schools In Singapore

Whenever I tell my non-Malay/Muslim friends (or even some Muslim friends) where my children are schooling, a common reaction would be, “Do they cover the same syllabus?” “Are they on par with the national schools?” My answer would always be…
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Teacher Calls Out Student For Racist Comments, Class Learns Meaning Of Majority Privilege

There are a few things I don’t abide in my classes. One of them is racism. Today in class I pulled a boy out of class because he called one of his classmates “死黒人” (it literally translates to “die black…
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