Boys Sit At School Canteen Before Royal Rumble Breaks Out

This story was submitted via Web contribution form.

Stomper Merketa sent Stomp a video showing a student assaulting another at what looks to be the canteen area of a school.

In the video, both students can be first seen holding on to the hands of each other while sitting on a bench.

One of them then prodded the belly of his counterpart who was bigger in size.

Thereafter, the latter stood up and rained a series of punches on the other student, causing his spectacles to fall off.

The victim fell to the floor, and his attacker proceed to sit on him hold him in a headlock with his legs after giving him a few more punches.

Other students around the duo told the physically bigger student to stop, but he paid no attention to their calls and continued attacking his schoolmate.

As he was doing so, he can be heard saying vulgarities and asking the victim to ‘tap out’.

At the end of the video, the larger student got up and left the other on the floor.

It is unclear what led to the fight or what happened thereafter.



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