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Muslim Mother: This Is Why A Madrasah Education Is As Good As Any Schools In Singapore

Whenever I tell my non-Malay/Muslim friends (or even some Muslim friends) where my children are schooling, a common reaction would be, “Do they cover the same syllabus?” “Are they on par with the national schools?” My answer would always be…
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Commentray: Help Madrasah Al Arabiah, Lease The Premise Of The Abandoned JCs

In that case, i would like to suggest that MUIS and Madrasah Al Arabiah request that they be allowed to lease the premise of one of these abandoned JCs instead of wasting public money to build a new building for…
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Retired Parking Attendant Becomes A Graduate At The Age Of 67

Fond of reading, retired parking attendant Rokiah Omar always wished she had attended a madrasah – an Islamic religious school – when she was a child. Yesterday, the 67-year-old fulfilled her childhood dream by graduating with a bachelor’s degree in…
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