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Watain Concert Banned, Minister Dragged in Racial Issues Involving Malays, Muslims and the Christian Community in a Follow-up Explanation

In the wake of the government’s order to block a black metal band from playing here (just hours before the concert was due to start), Minister of Home Affairs K Shanmugam oddly dragged in racial issues. In a speech at…
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Local Football Fan: FAS Please Save Our S-League, Stop Farcical Banner-Size Limitation

Warning: Long and sad post ahead, read at own peril Glad I made the impromptu decision to go down to Choa Chu Kang Stadium to watch Warriors FC take on Hougang United this evening. I have always been very envious…
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Christian Cross Dropped From Official Real Madrid Badge To Appease Muslim Supporters In The UAE

Champions League holders Real Madrid have dropped the Christian cross on their official badge in what is reportedly a move to pacify Muslim supporters in the United Arab Emirates, a Spanish sports newspaper said. According to daily Marca.com, images of…
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