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HDB Class Singaporeans Look Forward To Raffles JC Merging With Yishun JC

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe the rich and poor, haves and have-nots, must work hand-in-hand to lift the tide so that everyone does well, are looking forward to junior colleges merging. This after they believe Yishun JC…
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Commentray: Help Madrasah Al Arabiah, Lease The Premise Of The Abandoned JCs

In that case, i would like to suggest that MUIS and Madrasah Al Arabiah request that they be allowed to lease the premise of one of these abandoned JCs instead of wasting public money to build a new building for…
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Tamil-Hindu Student Felt Real Discrimination And Racism In His Junior College

Post #1: “I entered the next phase of my life in JC not knowing much about the inequalities and discrimination faced by Singaporeans. I was from an English speaking Christian school and mixing around with other races was not much…
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