HDB Class Singaporeans Look Forward To Raffles JC Merging With Yishun JC

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe the rich and poor, haves and have-nots, must work hand-in-hand to lift the tide so that everyone does well, are looking forward to junior colleges merging.

This after they believe Yishun JC and Raffles JC must merge to form one school to promote cross-class learning and letting the well-off help the HDB class of Singaporeans and vice-versa.

One Singaporean, Kee Oh Tng, said: “The well-off Singaporeans helping the HDB class will cause an economic trickle-down effect.”

“And when the HDB class helps the well-off, they can breed understanding and cultural learning to benefit both sides in aiding mutual respect and even inter-class marriages.”

Other locals said the merger of Yishun JC and Raffles JC bodes well for those staying in Bukit Timah and surrounding Holland Village areas.

Another local, Jin Wei Xian said: “People from Yishun can teach people from Bukit Timah and Stevens Road to be more street smart and daring, to embrace life by grabbing it by its horns.”

“This will help them to understand that the rest of Singapore does not look like Orchard Road.”



Source: http://newnation.sg

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