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Saudi Crown Prince Promises To Destroy ‘Extremist Ideology’ And Revert Saudi Arabia Back To ‘Moderate Islam’

As his country experiences the early pangs of a cultural and economic transformation, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince vowed Tuesday to destroy “extremist ideologies” in a bid to return to “a more moderate Islam.” Speaking at the Future Investment Initiative conference…
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Walid J. Abdullah: Religious Conservatism Does Not Equate Extremism

Do not conflate religious conservatism with extremism. As is always the case, once a terrorist attack occurs (which again seems to be the exclusive domain of Muslims, as the media has shown from its reluctance to use the word ‘terrorist’…
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Malaysia Says “Controversial Preacher” Zakir Naik Is Moderate Islamic Voice

KUALA LUMPUR — The Malaysian Deputy Minister in charge of Islamic Affairs on Tuesday (April 19) defended the country’s decision to allow controversial Islamic scholar Zakir Naik (picture) to conduct his recent week-long lecture series on religion following an uproar…
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