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Saudi Crown Prince Promises To Destroy ‘Extremist Ideology’ And Revert Saudi Arabia Back To ‘Moderate Islam’

As his country experiences the early pangs of a cultural and economic transformation, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince vowed Tuesday to destroy “extremist ideologies” in a bid to return to “a more moderate Islam.” Speaking at the Future Investment Initiative conference…
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Love Thy Neighbour – Neighbour’s Altar Offerings Blown Away, Muslim Bro Puts Them Back In Place

Love Thy Neighbour . Our neighbour’s altar offerings blown by the wind so my bro pick and arranged them back. We have been neighbours for more than 10 years they have always been so respectful to my mom and late…
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Local Non-Muslim: Muslims Deserve Credit For Not Skiving During Ramadan, Bosses Must Be More Understanding

Thanks to those muslim friends of mine during this fasting month still doing as much as us in the respective field of work….for people who knows me know that i seldom post on FB but i really cant stand it…
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