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Satire Becomes Reality As North Korea Really Sends Congratulatory Message To President Halimah Yacob

With Halimah Yacob strolling straight into the highest office in the land as the country’s new president, folks have pointed out the similarities Singapore shared in the election process to a certain country that also has its leader unanimously “voted”…
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Federal Mufti To ‘Raja Bomoh’: Repent! Your Practice Is Bid’ah

The Federal Territories mufti has urged controversial shaman Datuk Ibrahim Mat Zin to repent, after the latter again entered the spotlight for his antics purportedly to defend Malaysia against North Korea. Datuk Zulkifli Mohamad said the man popularly known as…
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Rashid Hamid: Charge Zulfikar Shariff In Court, If Not, Singapore Same Like North Korea

If singapore govt really sincere and honest towards protecting the innocent citizens and upholding justice in this country then bring this guy on to court with all the evidence that it got and let this guy defends himself if he…
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