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Singapore PR In Jordan ICU – Family Still Seeking Donations For $123,000 Medical Fees

He fell after being pushed during a minor pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In the confusion, someone stepped on Mr Abdul Ghafur Mohd Ibrahim’s left ankle. Today, the 59-year-old bus driver is recovering in a hospital in Jordan, with his…
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SAF – Integrating The Newcomers

How has National Service (NS) — which has been described as a social glue — brought new citizensĀ and permanent residents closer to Singaporeans, and shaped their lives? PIONEER speaks to three to find out. 2LT Scott Alexander Permanent Resident /…
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Filipino PR And Full-Time NSman Sent To Reformative Training For Sex With Underage Girls

A full-time national serviceman who had sex with a girl under 16 years old while on probation for similar offences was sentenced to reformative training on Monday. Gil Dominic Barbosa Rojas, 20, a Singapore permanent resident, had admitted to two…
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