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Chee Soon Juan: Let SDP Reform And Modernise Education System

Our schoolchildren are driven to psychological despair as they struggle to cope with their schoolwork and exams: 22% of Singaporean children between 6-12 yrs thought of killing themselves. Many children actually commit suicide as a result. Of those who survive,…
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Prestasi Cemerlang Aisyah Nurul Izza Menjalani PSLE

SEDANG murid darjah enam lain bersuka ria selepas Peperiksaan Tamat Sekolah Rendah (PSLE) September lalu, Aisyah Nurul Izza dan rakan-rakannya di Madrasah Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiah kembali menelaah pelajaran ukhrawi yang mereka ketepikan buat sementara. Ini kerana sebulan selepas PSLE, mereka perlu…
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SDP Questions The Singapore Education System

As this article is published, thousands of pupils would have gone back to school to collect their PSLE results. Some students will celebrate; others will be in tears, crushed in spirit. What sort of system inflicts such travesty on 12-year-olds?…
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