4 Ways Students React To Their Poor PSLE Results

1) Shocked “AIYO”

Aiyo! That Alvin never study get 3 As, I do 20 years worth of PSLE practice papers never even get 1 A…

2) Facepalm

Siao liao… Go back confirm kena from my father… I think I should just go apply to work at Macs sua…

3) Cry Baby

My results is like shit… How am I gonna go to same school with bae? OMG bae is gonna find a new girl who is smarter than me, prettier than me. NOOOOOOOOO….

4) Screw This Shit

Gather one group of friends who did like shit and burn the PSLE result slips together. BURN BITCH BURN!!!!!!!


Source: http://beta.sgag.sg

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