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Singapore’s Water Journey Is Far From Over

On a stretch of reclaimed land in Tuas, a water factory is taking shape. Singapore’s third desalination plant, expected to be ready later this year, is one of several infrastructure projects in the pipeline to ensure a nation surrounded by…
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Leon Perera: Abandon Reserved Elected Presidency, Return To Appointed Presidency

We all want a President who can be a unifying symbol for all Singaporeans. But we disagree about the best means to achieve that end. In Parliament on 6 Feb 2017, DPM Teo suggested that in November 2016, I had…
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Teo Chee Hean: Singapore’s Social Cohesion A Strong Defence Against Terror Attacks

The threat of terrorism has grown with the emergence of the Islamic State (ISIS) group and lone-wolfs who can be self-radicalised over the Internet, and no one country can guarantee that it will not fall prey to an attack. Should…
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