6 Things Malays in Singapore and Wherever Can Learn from Successful Minorities in America

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I have been observing and reading about minorities in America. There are of course minorities that are still going through a lot of hardship despite many attempts to reform their situation. But there are also other minorities that are doing well in this country. Those that are succeeding in many fields across the country are the Jews, Japanese, Indians, Koreans and Vietnamese who were once refugees. Why are these minorities doing well? Here are 6 reasons:

1. Help their own kind first to overcome barriers in the System and in Society

The minorities that do well have a strong group feeling. They stick together and help one another. They minimize conflict between each other and give their own kind any opportunities they could find.

2. Minorities that do well invest a lot on Education

In fact, they try as much as possible to over-achieve in their studies to make it difficult for anyone to deny their importance in specific areas and professions.

3. Networks

Successful minorities work with as many people as possible within the country and beyond. They establish ties and relationships with majorities and build trust and confidence in order to gain entry in areas that were previously made impossible for them.

4. Walk the Talk and Talk only when Necessary

The minorities that generally do well would usually do their work quietly. They would shun from causing too many controversies in public and work their way up by showing how things ought to be done through their deeds. Hence, when they do talk and raise concerns, people listen.

5. Sharing

They share contacts and their paths to success with their own kind. They encourage the young to emulate what their predecessors had done and disseminate strategies of how success could be achieved within the shortest time possible. Little wonder that the most of the reputable self-help gurus are of minority backgrounds. When they share, their communities get inspired and motivated.

6.  Niche areas to propel Themselves Forward

Because they know that their numbers are small, these minorities focus on fields such as IT, medicine, finance and the academe and seek to develop Respect and Wield Influence through becoming the Best in these fields. That’s why when people think of Wall Street, the Jews will come to mind and when they talk about Silicon Valley, the Indians would be the celebrities.

These are some lessons we Malays and Muslims in general can learn from minorities in the USA. I hope we too can become just as successful if not better than our brothers and sisters in here. Let the world know that what we do Matter!

Original source: http://www.deenrevival.com/6-things-malays-in-singapore-can-learn-from-successful-minorities-in-america/

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