Melayu Paling Miskin di Singapura?

Dorling Kindersley Limited dari London telah menerbitkan satu buku teks yang menerangkan bahawa orang Melayu adalah yang PALING MISKIN di Singapura.

Malays poorest in Singapore

Malays poorest in SG_1

Malays Poorest in SG_2

Di tengah hiruk-pikuk gara-gara kenyataan ini, seorang anak melayu bernama ‘Fadhil’ setuju dan menambah bangsa Melayu memang ramai yang beragama Islam. Anda setuju dengan pendapat Fadhil ini?

Before i start commenting, i would apologize 1st. My comment might hurt others and might be agreeable with others. Hear it goes…

Its a known fact that generally Malays are poor. Generally Malays in SG are Muslims. So the fact that Malays are generally poorer is because

1. They tend to leave it to fate. Always citing its fated that my future will be like this. What’s your effort in making a difference in your life?
2. They spend on impulse & love showing off thus making them poorer due to never ending debt/riba’. We can see and hear from marriage consultants where weddings are paid on credit. Some even ended up with bad debts and bankruptcy.
3. Islam is a rich religion and it advocates business but many are laid back and choose to grab a 9 to 5 job. Our Prophet PBUH used to ride on a camel called Buraq and the price of that camel, which is the highest grade today, is almost the same as a Ferrari in Dubai.
4. Some fail to give their parents money thus not getting enough blessings.

Im a human and reminding myself too. And if the comments about Malay being poor hits you as being poor materially, spiritually, emotionally, status symbol, socially or even physically, the responsibility for a change is in your hands. When an opportunity to change is present, act.

Again Im sorry for the hard truth.

Fadhil not Liyana

*Foto kontribusi Shila Lada

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