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Salams everyone. I would like to finally introduce myself. I am Seri Fatmawati Hambali, Ambassador of World Hijab Day Singapore.

It is with regret and sadness that we announce World Hijab Day Singapore (WHDS) will cease its operations today.
WHDS had tried to showcase the beauty of the hijab. We were confident that every Singaporean would celebrate the diversity that marks our society.

We wanted to bring the joy and celebration that the occasion deserves.

But it is not to be.

While we tried to relay the positive messages of the WHD, the authorities responded with suspicion and threats.
We were pressured by the authorities when we attempted to seek a friendly ‘public view’ and conduct ‘ground research’ in early December for our WHDS promo video. Similarly, our attempts to organise a meeting with our wonderful supporters to update them and to discuss our plans for the short film resulted in intense scrutiny.

Some of our members received threats that being involved may jeopardise their livelihood and affect their families. Facing pressure and threats, they decided to leave the committee. It left only a handful of us to continue the project.

WHDS was meant to be a celebration. But the authorities’ response made it impossible for the celebration to take place.

We make du’a that World Hijab Day on 1st February will be a success. May Allah swt grant WHD ease and to be freed from every fitnah in this trying times. We have total faith in WHD’s mission in creating Better Awareness, Greater Understanding and a Peaceful World.

Even as WHDS has to cease our operations, the WHD message should still continue. Everyone has a role to play. Even as simple as spreading awareness to our Non-Muslim friends.

Let us make these efforts.

Let us show that even in diversity, we are UNITED as Singaporeans. Do dakwah on those who do not understand. Help to dispel the misconception or doubts that they may have on our religion with peace and patience.

We apologise for all our shortcomings and I hope each and everyone of you had enjoyed this day in your own intimate gatherings with your loved ones. In Shaa Allah, all our efforts is for no other purpose than to attain His blessing.

Our committee will be disbanded with immediate effect.

No further postings will be made on this page.

Jazakallahu Khairan.


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