Nenek Saniyah stays in Nursing Home shares bittersweet life stories

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One of my favourite Malay rice stall is “Nasi Bawean” located along Desker Road. I was fortunate to have the owner who has been running the stall for over 30 years as my passenger yesterday.

Nenek Saniyah who is 77 asked me to take her to Salvation Army’s Peacehaven Nursing Home at Changi North to visit her husband. Along the way she shared with me how she raised 12 of her children with some “bitter-sweet” life stories. She said, “some young people today neglect their parents and think nothing about putting them in old folks homes.”

Then she paused and stared blankly out of the window, many memories must have rushed through her mind. Then she turned to me and said, “don’t be like those people, you must take care of your parents. Visit them often or at least call them frequently to know how they are doing.”

I helped her out of the cab upon reaching her destination. Held her hand until she was standing steadily, “My husband is already over 80 years old and I visit him everyday and bring him rice and dishes from the stall. He said that the hospital food is tasteless and until today, he still tells me that nothing beats my cooking. I guess that is his way of wanting to see me everyday lah.”

I offered to walk her up the steps to the entrance but she declined and instead told me to carry on with my driving. I took a long last look as she walked away, I wished the trip was longer than just 20 minutes for I would love to hear more of her stories.

I got back into my cab, turned on the “Busy” sign and yes, I drove immediately to see my mother.

Source: Ghazali Sadip

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