Three Youths Arrested For Snatch Theft


Three 17- year old youths were arrested for suspected involvement in a case of snatch theft reported in the vicinity of Woodlands St 13 on 10 October 2013.

On 10 October 2013 at about 9.30 pm, a female victim was walking along the park connector near Blk 173 Woodlands St 13, when two unknown male suspects came from behind, snatched her handbag and fled. After the incident, a male witness, who later turned out to be one of the accused persons, approached the victim to render his assistance.

Through extensive enquiries and investigations, officers from the Jurong Police Division established that the male witness was in cahoots with the two suspects who had snatched away the victim’s handbag. The male witness-turned-suspect was eventually arrested on 12 February 2014 at about 7 pm in the vicinity of Woodlands Ave 6. The two remaining suspects were later arrested on 13 February 2014 at about 3 pm in the vicinity of Simei Avenue.

Police would like to advise members of public to adopt the following crime prevention measures to prevent falling victim to snatch theft:
•Refrain from carrying excessive cash or jewellery, especially when alone and/or in secluded areas.
•Be wary of your surroundings
•When confronted remain calm. Do not put up a struggle especially if the culprit is armed with sharp objects like a knife. Try to take note of the culprit’s physical description and mode of escape
•Call the Police immediately at ‘999’ as soon as it is safe to do so.


Source: Singapore Police Force

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