Homosexuality and Liberal Islam are Dangerous to Singapore

Mohamed SaiddhinAbdullah

Mohamed SaiddhinAbdullah

syed Khairudin

NUS Professor Syed Khairudin Aljunied

I was recently made aware of the uproar over my dear friend Prof Dr Syed Khairudin Aljunied and his post on the wall of his personal Facebook account.I do not see why is there a need to make a big fuss over his post in the first place. There were some who took offence as they see it as him replying in his official capacity just because the word “prof” appeared. I find it daft really. It was the questioner who addressed him as “prof”. Prof K was replying in his personal capacity and nowhere did he say he is replying in his official capacity. (note that I too personally address him as Prof K)

Next, there are those who took offense at the words “diseases”, “cancerous” and “cleanse”. The ones starting the petition are being mischievous when they took those words out of context. It is literally putting words into his mouth when they angle it the way they are doing it now. The hypocrisy……

And if he edited the post, isn’t it good in some sense as perhaps he did see value in some of the complaints brought forth and corrected it accordingly. Or perhaps he realised it himself. I am just speculating here.

Most seem to fail to note who the post was addressing it to. Prof K was addressing it to the Muslim faithful. A Muslim not adhering to the teachings of Islam can’t be called the faithful can he? Nor can a Non-Muslim be part of the Muslim faithful. He is addressing to the in-house crowd. (though what Prof K is suggesting can be used by the other religions in their own religious context).


He is replying to a Muslim. How do you expect him to reply then? There is no way we can compromise on the issue. Islam abhors homosexual acts and we can’t condone nor compromise on it. As a scholar, he is obligated to stand up to deviant ideologies and practices. Read below:

“Scholars and religious teachers (asatizahs) must speak up and write against these ideologies and practices. They are obligated to explain to the public the true meaning of what Islam is and sexuality as defined by the Quran and Sunnah. When the scholars and asatizahs are silent about these issues, corruption will spread like wild fire.”

Same goes to Liberal Islam as they bring about a dangerous ideology that runs contrary to the teachings of Islam. They discard 1400++ years of scholarly research, debate and rulings and bring in instead deviant interpretation of the religion claiming that theirs is most up to date. And most of them who are advocating it are not even learned enough in the knowledge of Islam in order to make any new rulings. The ideas and ideals brought forth by the proponents of these ideologies and practices brings about many social ills and it is detrimental to the well being of any society. Any part of the body that is not normally there and brings diseases to it is cancerous. Then there is a need to cleanse it. Cleanse not in the sense of killing them but to do it spiritually in the context put forth by Prof K.

If we do not make a stand, society will degenerate faster that it is now. What next? If the pedophiles decided to form a lobby and lobby for the age of consent to be lowered further, what do we do? Do we let them be coz it is their rights? Freedom to love mah…Some European countries approve of Bestiality and some in fact have animal brothels. If ever we have a bestiality lobby here, do we allow them through also?

Where do we draw the line on the morality of society?

Many too failed to notice the words that come before and after those words mentioned above. They also fail to see the overall meaning he is conveying. Put it in context people! Nowhere is he spouting hatred for a certain group of minorities. It is conveniently angled in such a way by the authors of the petition. He is in fact advocating early detection and seeking early treatment. Read below:

“Parents and school teachers must be made aware of these challenges. They must detect early signs of waywardness from their children and students. Give advice, send them to proper religious classes and seek help from counsellors, if necessary. Win over the hearts of the misled youths and explain to them what’s right with knowledge and wisdom.”

We condemn homosexual acts but we do not condemn those who have homosexual tendencies or those who are transsexuals. We welcome them with open arms,always ready to listen to them and offer them advice if need be. We will accept them as who they are but we will never fail to remind them to return back to the true path. Coz we love ’em.


PS. To all those who support Prof K can like his fan page created by some supporter out there. Haters need not come.

Source: Written by and taken from Mohamed Saiddhin Abdullah

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