The Reading Group, MUIS and Liberal Islam


Rather than focusing merely on the LGBT issue, Muslims need to realize the bigger issue at hand; the liberal leanings & ideology that is currently reshaping our religion.

The Liberal Islam movement in this region is not new. It is inevitable that the rise of Muslim radicalism and the subsequent founding of the Liberal Islam Network (JIL) in Indonesia in 2001 has emboldened those in Singapore with similar liberal leanings & ideology.

In the past, a few Muslims have publicly or privately aired their concerns about the spread of liberal Islam. And certainly our religious scholars (asatizah) would have done so many times in their various social circles & organizations.

One example is this open letter written in 2009 which has been available in the public domain for many years alerting key Muslim leaders about a group of well-educated Muslims from advocating liberal Islam. (*Some names have been hidden to protect their privacy)


Now that we have understood from the 1st open letter why it is important Muslims do not get over-obsessive about the LGBT issue but see the bigger picture of Liberal Islam and we have also realized the existence of a group of well-educated┬áMuslims in “The Reading Group” who are spreading & advocating liberal leanings & ideologies, here is the follow-up letter containing more revelations.

Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib is a social activist with The Reading Group, Singapore.

Similarly, the follow-up letter has also been available in the public domain for many years. This time it attempts to demand clarification from key Muslim leaders about an active member of the liberal “The Reading Group“, Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib, who was an executive in MUIS’ Policy Development Strategic Unit and how MUIS policies have shown liberal leanings with the visitations of liberal scholars and with post-graduate scholarships to universities with known liberal ideologies. (*The sender’s name have been hidden to protect his privacy)

Source: Islamiq.SG

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