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The ‘Fundamentalists’ and the ‘Progressives’

Of late, the Muslim ‘Progressives’ in Singapore have been more vocal and assertive; and I welcome this. Previously, they worked behind the scenes and used to detest being labeled as ‘liberal Muslims’ and the like. It is high time they…
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AWARE, Liberal Islam, The Reading Group Organise Talk During Ramadhan

AWARE is organising a 3-Part Ramadan talk on Gender in Islam, and first session is on 4 July. AWARE¬†will be holding a series of presentations and discussions about the works of prominent Islamic scholars and their views on gender in…
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The Reading Group, MUIS and Liberal Islam

Rather than focusing merely on the LGBT issue, Muslims need to realize the bigger issue at hand; the liberal leanings & ideology that is currently reshaping our religion. The Liberal Islam movement in this region is not new. It is…
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