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The Mauqif – Standing point

Saiyyidina Abu Bakr as Siddiq rad. holds a special place within the Ummah. Indeed, there is a hadith that says after the Ambiya, the first to enter Jannah among this Ummah is Saiyyidina Abu Bakr.

The Ulema delved into this to ascertain why. They came up with the concept of the Mauqif. A standing point. A moment in time when, through one’s actions, one distinguishes one’s self above the rest. And there are so many occasions which are the mawaaqif where Abu BAkr shone. Very briefly, When he accepted Islam. Rasulullah SAW he never wavered even for a second when Rasulullah SAW first made dawah to Abu Bakr. Then, the incident of Isra Me”raj, a test for the Ummah. Abu Bakr never wavered or doubted the words of Rasulullah SAW. Then the incident of the passing of Rasulullah. In a moment where fitnah could emerge for the Ummah, Abu Bakr made that famous statement, ‘He who worships Muhamad, let him know that Muhammad is dead. But he who worships Allah, let him know that He is Alive, and Cannot die.’ Then the sending out of the army of Usama Bin Zaid, when even the senior sahabahs advised him to hold back and protect Madinah.

The life of this remarkable individual is filled with so many Mawaqif that will be his witness when he stands in the Court of Allah azzawajal.

Brothers and sisters, what is our Mawqif?

What actions can we take in this fleeting life to present in the Court of Allah azzawajal? In this current LGBT controversy, do we sit back within the safety of our comfort zone, or do we stand up and speak the Truth, for the sake of Allah azzawajal?

Wallahualam, but I believe this could count as a Mauqif for Prof Khai. There are many comments made regarding the NUS Provost letter. To my mind the capitulation and pandering to the Liberals is predictable. And at the end of the day, it is nothing more than a slap on the wrist for Prof.

I am very heartened that the unintended outcome of this event is the awakening of our community. We have been asleep for far too long. Subhanallah, so many has come up to voice their support. The pushback against the LGBT lobby is indeed eye-opening and unprecedented. The Ulema have come forward in numbers. The conservative majority is becoming less and less docile.

Brothers and sisters, this is the time to push forward. There are so many issues that are harming the Ummah. The LGBT lobby. The larger issue of the poison of Liberal Islam. So many of our youth are ideologically-defeated and dancing along the periphery of jahannam.

It is not the time to pull back. And focus on individual worship.

We have serious work to do. And in the process, in sha Allah,gather our own mawafiqs – standing points that can be our Witness in the Court of Allah azzawajal.




Syed Danial commented on Minister Shanmugam’s Facebook comment regarding the LGBTQ issue.

There’s some confusion going around that I wish to address.

LGBT is a movement. It wishes to legitimize unnatural acts that is unacceptable in the sight of Allah azzawajal. I do not support the movement. I support homosexuals or people with tendencies who wish to change. To these people, we lend a helping hand. Not the LGBT movement.

At it’s heart, the movement is hypocritical. They claim to be promoting love. Universal love. That is disingenuous. Two people can profess love for each other. That does not mean they have to consummate it by piercing an orifice whose function is to excrete human waste. So the movement does not promote love. It promotes disease causing acts against nature .

We must differentiate between the two. Peace


Syed Danial and his friend MD Shawal created Facebook PicBadges to show support for the anti-LGBTQ movement.


Syed Danial and his friend MD Shawal created Facebook PicBadges to show support for the anti-LGBTQ movement.

Source: Syed Danial, Nurul Syafiqah

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