Ang Moh Aaron Jeremiejczyk assaults SG singer Dawn Ho & band mates


So last night after my gig in Sentosa while waiting for my band mates to pick me up at the taxi stand, I witnessed an very obnoxious guy and friends (one girl, one guy) hi jack a limo cab and shout in the most demeaning way to the cab driver and limo service personnel. Complaining about the $43 per trip fee of the limo. And telling the limo service staff, ” you are MY bitch!” repeatedly.

So as I¬†was leaving to jump into friend’s car, I told him what he’s doing is not cool and he didn’t have the right to talk to people like that. Angry guy started verbally abusing me with vulgarities and chasing after me as I made my way to the car. His female friend soon got out of the limo they were holding hostage and tried to get violent with me using a beer bottle she had in her hand. Which landed on my best friend, Munir Alsagoff’s nose while he was trying to retrain her. My other band mate and friend jumped out to stop her. While my friends were trying to restrain her, angry guy came up to the car (which I was already in) and punched me in my face and gave me a bloody nose. Which his response to was, ” why did you punch yourself?” After an entire episode of verbally abusing me with names like bitch, cunt, mother fucker, racist, slut, when he saw that he had made me bleed he showed no remorse. Even as I announced I was gonna call 999 right away. I gave my details to the police and went to hospital for x ray etc in an ambulance. The massive bleeding from my nose only stopped late this morning. And half my face is tender and swollen.

So boys and girls, he’s still out there. And to get some justice done, I have since filed a police report hoping the police will take action against him, or I’ll have to engage a lawyer to file a civil suit against him which will take time. Watch out for this angry guy, AARON JEREMIEJCZYK.

Aaron Jeremiejczyk works for The Exchange, managed by Tadcaster Hospitality.

Asia Square Tower One
8 Marina View #01-05
(+65) 6636 1200
[email protected]

Tadcaster Hospitality
39 Boat Quay, #03-01,
Singapore 049828
Office: +65 6533 3491
Fax: +65 6533 4601
[email protected]

Source: Bruce Willes, Dawn Ho, Hardwarezone

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