Inseparable Twin Wants to Marry Same Husband, Dowry RM$4 Million


COMMENT: They say you can find anything for sale on the Internet these days, and apparently you can.

How would you like to be married to a pair of beautiful fraternal twins? That is if you are someone with RM4 million to spare. Well, apparently you can if one of the latest postings on Facebook is true.

There is a picture being spread on social media, supposedly of a 24-year-old pair of twins born two hours apart, looking for a rich suitor to take them both as wives at the same time.

“Both are willing to share the love (of a husband) as we do not want to be parted,” read the posting. The girls also added they are looking for a husband who is fair and with the means to care for both of them.

Of course the clincher is that the dowry they are demanding is a hefty of RM4 million.

It should be noted that theantdaily has been unable to verify the authenticity of this posting or trace the profile of the supposed twins.

But the matter reopens the debate of women being accused of “gold diggers” who use their beauty to snare potential wealthy husbands and alleged cases of beauties on sale to the right bidders.

Though such cases don’t mirror tales of human trafficking, where parents sell their daughters into marriage or worse the flesh trade, they do spark remembrance of beautiful artistes who marry into royalty or wealthy families, at times also termed “gold diggers”.

But this social media tale seems to make it look like it has become sundry for young ladies to aspire to such.

There are several things wrong with the supposed twins on offer. Firstly as both appear to be Malay Muslims, there is the question that a Muslim husband cannot be married to two sisters at once.

Per Islamic teachings, a Muslim man can marry his sister-in-law, but only after divorcing the sister who is currently his wife. But never two sisters at the same time.

Then again they could be East Malaysians or other races with Malay sounding names, which would preclude religious sanction to such a marriage, if their religion does not prohibit it.

Which brings us to the second issue — the RM4 million dowry demanded which makes it looks as if the beauties are selling themselves to whatever rich person out there.

It is worrisome, not only in the moral and religious sense, but for bachelors like me who do not have millions in my pocket, if looking for a wife will require such a price.

Written by: Hazlan Zakaria

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Source: The Ant Daily

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