Call for Alcohol Ban in Kampong Glam & near Sultan Mosque

Please help Habib Alwi Al Habshi on his mission to stop restaurants in Arab street who are still selling alcohol located near the Sultan mosque… Please share this video.

May Allah shower His blessings and love upon Habib Alwi Al Habshi.

Credit: Syed Mahdzar Al-Shahab

Credit: Syed Mahdzar Al-Shahab

Last night I had a small chat with Habib Alwi Al Habshi about the recent video that I posted on FB. He thank me and told me that someone approached him and hand him a print out in related to the permissible of selling alcohol in kampong glam and near the sultan mosque. He told me that a person saw the video of his plea and decided to hand in those print out so that Habib can use those guidelines to file a complaint. May Allah reward whoever that person is.

So I decide to surf the web to get a clearer picture from that print out…

Check on the “Reviewing conservation guidelines with stakeholders”, paragraph number 19.

Habib also told me that he is moving forward with it and to make a doa for him. As soon as he says that I started to hold my tears and remain silent, because there he is stand an old man who fear of Allah, who is so passionate and fearless.

Habib Alwi’s will is an inspiration to me and I hope it is also an inspiration to all of us who have believed…

Please share the link to the whole world!


Authored by Syed Mahdzar Al-Shahab



There is a Facebook page created to show support for Kampong Glam Alcohol Free Zone.

Those who share the same sentiment, can like the page.

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