STB Video Ranked 2nd in Worst Promotional Tourism Videos For Cities

Hastily pulled by embarrassed authorities after an explosion of internet parodies, this 3-minute video for the Singapore tourism board follows a couple on their anniversary break in the city. With a script as varied and exciting as Singapore itself, featuring lines like “Honey, look!” and “Honey, look at that!” and “Wow, amazing!”, this is truly a classic of the genre. Be sure to watch until the end for the plot twist.

Best line: “Look, honey!”

This video is so cringe-worthy that Singapore Tourism Board has removed it from its own channel.

Watch to know why it was deleted by its creator.

This video was apparently uploaded on Singapore Tourism Board’s site, but promptly taken down after it became ‘viral’ for being such an ‘awesome’ well produced video. Mistake, or intent, we will never know.

The actors are NOT Singaporean. They are Filipinos.

But for the rest of Singapore, revel in the ingenuity of STB’s video to attract tourism.


Source: SLF TV

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