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Credit: Project Awareness - Share & Walk with me

Credit: Project Awareness – Share & Walk with me

One of our supporters Ms Koh from Project Awareness send us this message about a old lady outside Orchard Cineleisure. This is indeed a critical case that we should look into, but I did visit her a couple of times last year till now.

This old lady is quite sick as what Mr Han mentioned in his Facebook. I spoken to her many times but she refuse to accept any assistance as she want to be independent. Her concern is that she worry that she will lose her freedom if she is admitted into any Charity Welfare Home. No matter how I convince her, she still refuse to accept my suggestion.

But whenever I went to Orchard Cineleisure, I will get something from her and pass her some money. No doubt many of you might say that her stuffs are taken from government agency or charity organization, and it is not right for her to re-sell it away, but if she is not going to do so, how is she going to pay for her own expenses?

Remember what I wrote on 31 May 2014 on a video that I shared on Project Awareness? – “Whether its being abuse or not, it does not matters. Keep doubting wont get things start. We just have to believe. Just my humble opinion.”

Well, $2.00 is nothing to many of us, but this is something for this old lady as she can buy fresh and hot food to eat. If she can have enough earning each time she sell her stuffs at Orchard Cineleisure, her health condition might get better right?

Today I’m writing this post, I don’t know whether this is good or bad for this old lady, but I hope that if you are from any government agency, please help her and not chasing her away or take away her stuffs at Orchard Cineleisure. If you have a better solution for her, do discuss with her nicely, otherwise just buy something from her.

Remember to share this awareness message and walk with us in Project Awareness. A little thought can mean so much!

Elson Soh 苏奕铨
Founder of Project Awareness – Share & Walk with me


Source: Bujang TerunaProject Awareness – Share & Walk with me



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