PAP Malay MPs Fail to Speak Up for Community

Credit: Osman Sulaiman

Credit: Osman Sulaiman

It is high time that our Malay community ask what’s the contribution of the Malay PAP MPs so far.

We know they failed to speak up for the Malay Muslim community about the hijab issue. They placed the sole burden of responsibility on the shoulder of our Mufti. In fact, they went underground and agree with the gov’s position contrary to the very people that they are supposed to represent.

They have also fail to persuade the gov to stop the discriminatory practices against the malays in RSAF from the time the PAP swept into power. Many PAP Malay MPs have come and gone. 49 years long. It’s a slap on our faces to be supporting such incorrigible practices and then propose to be given fair chances.

When the opposition MPs, Faisal Manaf and Pritam Singh raised these issues in parliament recently, it was quickly shot down by the “eager-to-please-our-master” Zainal Sapari and Zainnudin Nordin as though discrimination was non-existent.

Its unbelievable that while our community has heard, seen, felt and gone through the dreaded discriminatory policies of the ruling government, our elected ‘salary-paid-by-tax-payer’ Malay PAP MPs continue to be oblivious to the situation.

Why were they elected in the first place if they are much divorced from the reality on the ground? It is time we scrutinized and take these under performing Malay PAP MPs to account. Until the thorn is removed from the flesh, we will continue to feel the pain mentally and emotionally. Our votes for them have been betrayed.

Authored by Osman Sulaiman


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