Homosexuals are Delusional

Azman Ivan Tan Shariff

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I spent some time reading the posts on a gay group. Sadly I am beginning to realize…

They are all delusional. They have perverted sense of what is right. They all have this mentality that their “love” is bigger than EVERYTHING else in this world. They really sound like very very depressed people. I think one of the reasons why they are doing this lifestyle is to escape from reality.

They are in fact empty inside. Their hearts do not really feel much. The pain they have in them. The feeling of incompleteness. The feeling that everyone is against them. They are just looking for escapes. Like a addict is looking for the fix.

Maybe they really need to be more TRUTHFUL to themselves. What really are they for on this earth? Do they think they are invincible and will live forever?

They are “supporting” each other to ensure they have people around they who are homosexuals. If they don’t have, they are lost.

My advise to those of you homosexuals reading this, think about the moment when you are about to die. Were you truthful to yourself? Did you really seek the truth? Or were you just finding the escape so that you can make yourselves have the moment of feeling fulfilled? The fulfillment is artificial and does not last. You know it yourselves. Why torture yourselves?

Authored by Azman Ivan Tan 



The divide between the LGBT and WearWhite camps are getting more obvious. Increasing tensions felt between the two groups.

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