SG Pageant Scam: Founder of Makin & Sorfina Productions Gone Hiding


Hopeful parents who have pinned high hopes on their children to win a beauty contest, unfortunately were left confused, shattered and clueless as organiser refused to reply their calls and messages. The beauty contest for children is known as Prince And Princess Asian World.

Several parents emailed Rilek1Corner to express their anger and disappointment towards a Singaporean beauty contest organiser named Sarina Yee, or more popularly known as Rina Aura who has gone MIA (missing in action) since Mar 2014. Some say their calls and messages were ignored as early as Jan 2014.

Sarina Yee is the founder of Makin & Sorfina Productions, a small company that organises mini beauty contests in Singapore. The company is located at International Plaza.

Angry parents claimed that Sarina Yee took all their money and fled. Rilek1Corner has tried to contact Sarina Yee through her mobile number and Facebook but she remains uncontactable. We also called the office, but no one picks up.

It was gathered that Sarina Yee likes to mince her words and always over-promised but under-deliver.

On Facebook, two renowned local beauty contests, Little Miss Singapore & Little Manhunt and Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore Pageant have recently denied any business links with Makin & Sorfina Productions.



Other miniature beauty contests such as Battle of the Queens in 2013 and Peoples’ Association Hari Raya North Bazaar in 2013 were also organised by Makin & Sorfina Productions.

These miniature beauty contests for both children and adults seemed to be very popular among the Malay contestants.

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On Facebook, Sarina Yee was last seen active in late Jan 2014.

To hopeful parents who have registered their children for the Prince And Princess Asian World pageant, please report this scam to the police.


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PS: Many thanks to Mr Bujang Teruna for the lead 🙂

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