SG Chinese Woman Say Malays are Scumbags, Liability to Society That’s Why They Become Terrorists



Another racist Singaporean Chinese woman made uncouth and distasteful remarks on Malays and Muslims.

Blogger and social media user @kimmeeoow on Instagram called Malays “scumbags” and a “liability to society“.

She also mentioned that Muslims have “non babi brains” and she thought this is the reason why Muslims “became terrorists“.

Kim blogs at [].




On Facebook, Kim clarified that her Instagram account (@kimmeeoow) was hacked, and apparently the hacker had posted those racist remarks without her knowledge.

According to her boyfriend Ulrik Hillerlöv, she has already informed the police and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

This is not the first time non-Malays and non-Muslims made careless racist remarks on both the Malay and Muslim communities.

Previously, Amy Cheong gained instant fame when she openly scolded Malays for being noisy and cheapskate.

Because a moment of folly, it had cost Amy Cheong her job as Assistant Director at NTUC and reputation. Amy Cheong fled to Australia.

Amy Cheong $50 void deck wedding

Amy Cheong $50 void deck wedding

Next is the Young PAP member Jason Neo who had labeled Muslim children at local Islamic Huda Kindergarten as “young terrorist trainees”.

Jason Neo YPAP

Jason Neo YPAP



Thanks to LA Dude for this contribution.

Perhaps Kim is confused. Not all Malays are Muslims, and not all Muslims are Malays. 

Regrettably and rightly so, her comments have upset members of the public especially both the Malay and Muslim communities.

Let this be a lesson learned, yet again for non-Muslims and non-Malays.

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