I am a Chinese and a Muslim, I Fast During Ramadhan

Mikail Andy Chee and wife

Mikail Andy Chee and wife

Mikail Andy Chee

Mikail Andy Chee


As a chinese convert, I always face this questions from new & old chinese friends.

” You marry a malay? “,

” Why must convert? “,

” You marry into their family? “,

” Why must you fast? “,

” You must adopt their name? “etc.

When a malay friend know that I m a convert, they wishes & welcome me with blessing.

Once & for all to all my friends ( currently, gym, long lost etc), I convert becos Allah SWT love me so much that he send me an angel ( my dear wife ) to guide me to the correct path to Him. I do adopt a muslim name call Muhammad Mikail with my surname too & my kids all have muslim names with chinese surname.

I fast becos I understand the meaning behind and the greatness of fasting. I am more discipline and better now ( no offence to other religion, all this are my personal view only).

Wishing all muslim friends a blissful Ramadan full of Barakah!

Authored by Mikail Andy Chee


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