MFA: Kidnapping, Killing of Palestinian Teen is Deeply Reprehensible


SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement on Thursday (July 3) on the kidnapping and killing of a Palestinian teenager, apparently in revenge for the murder of three Israeli youths earlier this week.

The statement said: “The kidnapping and killing of the Palestinian teenager on July 2, 2014, is deeply reprehensible. Singapore strongly condemns it and hopes that those responsible will be apprehended. Our sympathies go out to the family of the victim.

“We also urge the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to do everything possible to reduce tensions arising from the tragic deaths of both Israeli and Palestinian teenagers and protect the lives of innocent civilians.”

Eyewitnesses said 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khder was seen being forced into a car by three Israelis in occupied east Jerusalem. Police confirmed a body had been found in a forest in Givat Shaul in west Jerusalem, although they did not link the two incidents.


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