MFA Deeply Concerned About Escalating Violence in Gaza

Photo AP

Photo AP

SINGAPORE — Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) says it is deeply concerned about escalating violence in Gaza. The comments come as the number of Gazans killed in Israel’s Operation Protective Edge topped 70. Three days ago, Israel launched its biggest operation in Gaza in nearly two years, to stop cross-border rocket fire.

In response to media queries, an MFA spokesman said today (July 10) that rocket attacks on Israel “must cease immediately”.

“At the same time, we call on Israel to exercise maximum restraint and do its utmost to prevent the loss of innocent lives. All sides must urgently find ways to de-escalate the situation, work towards a ceasefire and ensure the safety and security of all civilians,” the spokesman said.

AFP quoted the Israeli army today, saying it hit more than 300 targets overnight. One of the targets was a coffee shop where people had gathered to watch the World Cup semi-final showdown between Argentina and the Netherlands. At least eight people were killed in that attack.


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