Masagos on Gaza: Give Financial Aid and Support Through Accredited Associations

masagos zulkifli

SINGAPORE: Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Masagos Zulkifli said on Monday (July 14) that the Muslim community is saddened over the destruction and loss of lives in Gaza.

He urged all parties, including Israel and Hamas, to call for a discussion to resolve the conflict, and not resort to violence. This is to ensure that innocent people, like women and children, do not end up as victims.

Mr Masagos also asked Muslims to pray for peace for all Muslims and the world, and advised the public not to engage in any irrational actions due to the crisis in Gaza.

“We shouldn’t take irrational action to the extent of wanting to go there and participate in the cause as this development is similar to Syria, where most of those who initially wanted to help eventually became radical and they came back bringing terrorism to their home soil,” he said. “We can also provide help in the form of financial aid as well as support through accredited associations, like the Red Cross.”


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