National Day Babies: Four Families Welcomed 3 Boys and 1 Girl

SINGAPORE- Singaporeans may be getting ready for a big national day party, but several families started celebrations early.

At least four mothers gave birth to their new babies at midnight Saturday, marking the start of Singapore’s 49th birthday.

Mrs Melissa Fathie was one of them. She gave birth to Elijah Fathie, a 2.9kg baby boy. “I was shocked, we thought he would be born maybe 10 or 11pm or Aug 8,” she said. Her labour contractions started at about 9pm, when she was rushed to Thomson Medical Centre. She had been given a pill to induce the birth earlier in the day as the baby was growing quite heavy in her tummy. Any bigger and the it would be “difficult for the mother to push”, said husband Muhamad Fathie, 37.

NDP baby 3


NDP baby 2


muhammad Fathie Family

NDP baby

At Parkway East, Mrs Suhailah Said gave birth to her first baby girl 20 seconds after midnight. At Mount Alvernia Hospital, lucky baby boy Logan was born to parents Brandon and Emmeline Lim. At Raffles Hospital, a 2.95kg bundle of joy, Akif Rifqy Fadzil, was born to parents Amirah Mazlan and Fadzil Sultan.

Mrs Fathie has given birth to two daughters seven-year-old Deirdra and a four-year-old Isabelle. But Elijah’s was the hardest so far, she said. “I wanted an epidural but there was no time for that,” the property agent said. Still, when she heard son’s first cry, she was overwhelmed with joy. “It always feels like the first time,” the 35-year-old said.

The Fathie family will be catching the National Day Parade tonight at the ward in Thomson Medical Centre. Said Mr Fathie: “My son will know that there will be fireworks to celebrate his birthday every year. It could not be more fantastic.”


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