LGBT Advocates Want to Organise LGBT Run But Got Rejected By Police

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LGBT advocacy “remains a socially divisive issue” in Singapore, the Singapore Police Force said in response to the application to hold the Pink Run on 16 August.The application was “rejected in the interest of public order,” said a police statement, quoted on the organisers’Facebook page.

The statement suggested an alternative venue for the event at Speakers’ Corner, in a small park in the centre of Singapore where protest events can be held without a permit.

“It is disappointing but what I am more concerned about was the response that was given and how the police has framed advocacy as socially divisive,” said organiser Nicholas Deroose.

“We just wanted to go out for a run; we were not planning to upset public order.”

This is the second time LGBT advocates have tried to organise the Pink Run. The first attempt seven years ago was also aborted after organisers were told on the day that they were contravening the Miscellaneous Offences Act.

Organiser said he will try again next year.
Dear Mr Nicholas Deroose,

Please refer to your permit application, PP/20140630/008.

The purpose of the proposed event you have stated in your application is related to LGBT advocacy, which remains a socially divisive issue. We regret to inform you that your application is rejected in the interest of public order. You may wish to consider conducting your event at the Speakers’ Corner instead.

Please contact Inspector Patrick Koh Kok Keong of Compliance Management Unit at DID: 6557-5133, should you have any queries.

Loi Yong Tang
Compliance Management Officer
Central Police Division | Singapore Police Force
DID: + 65 6557 5132 | Fax: +65 220 6742 | E-mail:Loi Yong [email protected]
cid:[email protected]
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