Civil Servants Will Get At Least 5% Salary Increment

SINGAPORE: It was reported earlier that more than 18,000 Home Team officers will receive salary increments of eight to 12 per cent in August to ensure their salaries remain competitive.

These adjustments have now been extended to other groups of civil servants, including some ministry staff, as well as clerical and support staff in schools. Channel NewsAsia understands the adjustments are at least five per cent. The last time the Public Service Division (PSD) adjusted salaries to keep pace with the private sector was in February, 2012.

When asked how many civil servants in total received the adjustments, the PSD declined to answer. It said in a statement that it reviews civil service salaries annually and makes adjustments where necessary, adding that it is careful not to lead the market.

The PSD said that Singapore has seen some economic growth over the past two years, and the labour market has remained tight. It also says the Civil Service continues to face competition in the hiring market.

The PSD made the salary adjustments this year after studying private sector salary data in order to close the gaps with the market and ensure that salaries remain competitive. The PSD also said that statutory boards set their own salaries, but they may take reference from the Civil Service.

A check shows some stat boards, such as the Land Transport Authority, have already taken steps to match PSD’s move.


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