Classmates Dump Bucket Full of Feces, Urine on Autistic Teen in ALS Challenge ‘Prank’

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio — Police are investigating a cruel trick played on a teen who has autism.

Police say the teen was summoned to a classmate’s house by a group of teens who set it up. They told him it was the ALS ice bucket challenge, and had him strip to his underwear while a cell phone camera recorded the incident.

Instead of ice water, the culprits dumped a bucket filled with urine, feces, spit and cigarette butts.

David Mensen, the father of the boy with autism, told WOIO “It shouldn’t happen to any child with special needs or not.”

The teens posted the video to Instagram. Mensen’s son was too embarassed to tell his parents, but one of his classmates did bring it to their attention. Once they saw the video, they contacted police.


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