Another Malaysian ISIS Member Died in Syria After Ambush by Syrian Forces

Former Kedah PAS Youth information chief Lotfi Ariffin reportedly died today in Syria after succumbing to his injuries, according to a Malaysian fighting in the Middle East.

The news of Lotfi’s death was posted on the Facebook account of Abu Talhah II, one of the 40-odd Malaysians fighting alongside Islamic State of Iraq and Syria forces.

Facebook users posted condolences in the comment section upon reading of the death of Lotfi, who had been injured after an ambush by Syrian forces.

Lotfi had reportedly been with a group of Malaysian Isis fighters when they were caught in an ambush by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

During the fight, Lotfi suffered severe injuries and fell into a coma, although his condition was later reported to be stable.

His older brother, Mohd Zainon Ariffin, 53, had confirmed Lotfi’s condition last week, saying he had been informed that his sibling appeared to be recovering.

Zainon said he had been informed of Lotfi’s condition by his brother’s friends through Facebook although no images had been uploaded.

Lotfi  courted controversy in June when he disclosed his involvement in the ongoing civil war in Syria.

This resulted in his sacking from PAS as the Islamist party said it did not condone nor encourage its members to participate in armed movements.


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