Asian Women Are Attracted to the Body Smell of African Men

african man

They shower gifts and money on their girlfriends but that’s not what drives some Malaysian women crazy about African men – it’s their body odour, Harian Metro reported.

Forty-year-old Maria, who claimed to have fallen out of love with three local men, including her ex-husband who neglected her, said she became attracted to African men while working as a salesgirl in Ampang seven years ago.

Relating her affair with Izem, a Nigerian in his 30s, Maria said it started as a casual friendship but quickly blossomed into romance.

“We got intimate as I could not resist his body odour each time we went out or had meals together,” she said.

“Although it was unpleasant in the beginning, I became used to it, then was attracted by it,” said Maria, adding that it came to a point where she became addicted to her boyfriend’s body odour.

She said his dark complexion was not an issue as Izem, who claimed to be a student at a local institute of higher learning, was young and athletic.

“Maybe that is why he has that body odour,” she said, confessing that African men were “romantic, caring and gentle”.

Maria, who was detained in 2008 for her part in an Internet scam, said she had met other African men and they all exuded the same natural odour that made her feel relaxed whenever she was with them.

She claimed that her women friends were just as fascinated with the Africans as she was.

On her relationship with Izem, Maria said they were no longer together as he had been detained since April last year over an Internet crime. However, she added: “I will never forget him.”


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