Aussie Chef Kills and Then Cooks Body Parts of Transvestite Wife

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An Australian chef killed his Indonesian wife, cooked her body parts over the stove and then slit his own throat in a grisly murder-suicide in Brisbane, Australia on Oct 5.

It was previously reported that authorities went to the home in an upmarket area of Brisbane after neighbours had complained of a terrible smell.

When they arrived, police found some parts of Ms Mayang Prasetyo’s body cooked up on a stove, with other parts strewn across the apartment and in garbage bins outside, The Straits Times reported.

Her husband, Marcus Volke, reportedly fled the unit when officers arrived, before taking his own life.

According to reports, the couple had met on an international cruise ship where they were both working as chefs, got married in Aug 2013 and had only recently moved into the apartment.

Australian news website reported that Ms Mayang was a transsexual “high class” prostitute and was charging up to A$500 (S$558) an hour for her services.

She had also worked at Melbourne’s transgender cabaret show Le Femme Garcon before settling in Brisbane with her husband, according to The Straits Times.

Ms Mayang’s mother Nining Sukarni, speaking to Brisbane’s Courier-Mail from her home in Lampung, Indonesia, mourned the loss of her eldest child, and said that she had been the family’s breadwinner and had sent money home to put her two sisters, aged 18 and 15, through school.

She referred to Ms Mayang as her son, Febri, and had described Volke as “quiet and submissive”.

However, it was also reported that friends had concerns that Volke was difficult to get to know and extremely cold.

The Courier-Mail also reported that Volke’s mother, Dorothy, did not suspect that anything was amiss and that everything seemed ‘normal’.

According to The New Paper, Ms Mayang’s friends had taken to social media to pay tribute to her, with one user, Brett Spark, writing: “RIP beautiful, the world will not be the same without you.”

Video tributes to Ms Mayang have also been posted on her Facebook timeline.


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