Singaporean Tourists Injured in Kuala Lumpur Explosion

KUALA LUMPUR: At least 14 people were injured, one seriously, after an explosion in front of a pub at Sun Complex in Jalan Bukit Bintang at about 4.20am on Thursday (Oct 9), Bernama reported. The explosion is believed to have resulted from a homemade bomb, the news agency reported on its Twitter account.

Berita Harian Malaysia reported that police confirmed among those injured are Singaporean, Thai and Chinese tourists. The newspaper said initial police investigations indicated that the explosion was targeted towards the seriously injured victim.

The Star reported that the injured were aged between 22 and 40 and included two women. They have been sent to Hospital Kuala Lumpur and the nearby Tung Shin Hospital.

At least four cars were hit by the explosion, according to The Star. The report said that the explosion came from two devices placed underneath two cars parked in the area – one of which was believed to be an unexploded grenade. The Star reported that the two explosive objects were thrown at the scene from the second floor of a building.


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