PAP Contributing to Congestion In Town To Celebrate Its 60th Birthday

The People’s Action Party (PAP) is celebrating its 60th birthday today and it just couldn’t wait to let Singaporeans know that its birthday is here.

And to do so, the PAP has deemed it fit to create traffic congestion in the centre of the city just so that Singaporeans will be aware of its birthday.

Welcome to uniquely Singapore – where the ruling party believes that after 55 years of controlling government, it can, as a netizen called it, turn the roads in Singapore into its own “grandfather’s road”.

Today, if you face any jams in the centre of town, don’t worry. You can thank the PAP for it, or blame them, whichever way you fancy.

The roads that will be closed are near the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.

  • Old Parliament Lane and Empress Place will be closed from 11am to midnight.
  • The two right lanes of Parliament Place in the direction of Saint Andrew’s Road will be closed from 11am to 1.30pm.
  • The centre lane of Parliament Place in the direction of Saint Andrew’s Road (between Connaught Drive and Saint Andrew’s Road) will be closed from 1.30pm to 2pm.
  • The carriageway of Fullerton Road in the direction of Parliament Place (between Esplanade Drive and Parliament Place) will be closed from 2pm till midnight.
  • Parliament Place in the direction of Saint Andrew’s Road (between Fullerton Road and Saint Andrew’s Road) and the two left lanes of Fullerton Road in the direction of Esplanade Drive will also be closed from 2pm till midnight.

Of course, no one is saying don’t barge onto the road. If a political party has a birthday, we should all give way and let it have the right of way, shouldn’t we?

Well, not unless you are the Worker’s Party. Then, even when you decide to organise a cycling event at the perfectly legit East Coast Park, as it tried to in 2007 to celebrate their 50th anniversary, then the police are going to tell you that it “does not allow political parties to organise outdoor gatherings because such activities have the potential for public disorder and mischief, and may disrupt community life.”

But of course, if you are the PAP, the police can tell Singaporeans that “Traffic delays may be expected” and that “Motorists are advised to plan their route early”.

But because it is the PAP, and even as the road closures will “disrupt community life”, hey, it’s the PAP.

Of course, cycling in East Coast Park would definitely cause more disruption to community life than closing roads and creating traffic jams, and causing delays to the hundreds of Singaporeans who will be rushing home for dinner, right?

But hey, it’s the PAP’s 60th anniversary. Who are we to argue about the “grandfather’s road”, unless we think they have been in power for far too long?



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