Private Toilet For PM Lee At Clean And Green Singapore Week

Dear The Real Singapore,

I am a member of public who attended the Clean & Green Singapore 2015 event at CCK Lot1 on 8/11/14, organised by NEA. The event was graced by none other than our own PM Lee, as well as various other ministers and MPs. PM Lee then left the area after launching the event and taking a short tour around.

After browsing the exhibits and games, I met up with my friend who was headed to the bus waiting area to wait for her transport. Now, after having had a long day walking and with a hip injury, she wanted to go to the nearest toilet. My friend headed to a small tentage area with a purple portable toilet inside, but was told by workers that they were locking up that toilet. It was meant for PM’s use only, and not for the public.

She was then directed to the bunch of public toilets on the opposite end, which were further away. She managed to snap a picture of the toilet in question, and it was far better than the one she ended up using.

From the photo, you can see that there is a beautiful potted plant, a mini-fan, full length mirror, air freshener, elevated seat as well as brand new toilet paper in the portable toilet cubicle.

So I would like to pose a few questions here:

1) Why does PM Lee require a special personal toilet all for himself when the other ministers, MPs and the public do not have personal toilets? You could say it is for his security, but then why is his toilet specially decorated and more spacious in contrast with the public’s?

2) Why is this toilet not opened up for public use as it is in a more convenient location when waiting for the bus? PM has already left and there is no reason to lock it up to prevent others from using.

3) Where is the funding for this personal toilet coming from? Is it worth the money to order a specially outfitted toilet for a single use? PM might not even use it at all!

Of course, the worker in question might have had some miscommunication and misunderstanding, and not being there to see it first hand I cannot confirm that this is really the case as well. However, the fact remains that there was a special toilet which was not opened up to the public at the event site.


Daniel L

TRS reader



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